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No secrets. No surprises.

We want to make sure that you understand what you're paying for.

You are getting a Template Website

Affordable Web packages allow you to avoid the high costs of custom development by using our (great-looking) pre-designed websites instead. Our design team will then customise it according to your needs.

How our professional team converts a Template into your own website:

By adding your logo,  products/services, business info, colour styling, and photography.

You will need to send us your:

  • Company Logo.
  • Business information / history.
  • Info about your services / products.
  • Photos / images of your services / products.
  • Information about your Services and Company.

If your business doesn't have any photography or set colours yet, our team will improvise a solution that will match your brand style.

Additional requests = additional charges

What you see is what you get, but you can simply buy the extras you need.

Any additions outside of the existing Web Template layout / pages / functionality that you see or is listed in the added features will be charged for.

This applies for any additional:

  • Content areas
  • Website pages
  • Website functionality
  • Banner slides
  • Gallery photos
  • Custom graphic/web design work
  • Photo editing / manipulation
  • E-commerce / online shopping systems
  • Domain & hosting features
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics admin

What to expect once you sign up

We take pride in having a professional work ethic, good communication skills and very happy clients. Please check our Google Reviews if you are worried.

Once you sign up:

  1. You will get a phone call to confirm your sign up and to answer any questions you might have.
  2. We will send you a SLA, Debit Order form and content document to complete and return.
  3. You will pay the R1000 setup fee OR the full amount to begin the project.
  4. Once you have sent us your Website content, we will build your new Website within 15 working days (subject to project scope and additional features naturally).
  5. There will be 1 round of edits available should you have any requests/changes.
  6. Your new Website will be launched!
  7. You will be automatically debited and invoiced each month going forward.

Some important conditions:

1. For payment plans: R1000 setup fee is required to start.
2. For once-off plans: Full amount is required to start.
3. All Debit Orders will begin 1 month from the project start date (when setup fee is received). It is your responsibility to send us your Website content ASAP.

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