What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising platform where you pay to get your clickable advert featured across the Google Search and Google Display Networks.

Ads can be set up in various ways so as to better support marketing goals – whether it’s:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Getting more calls, or
  • Increasing online sales.

You’re able to choose where (geographically) and when your ads will be displayed, as well as set a daily budget for your campaign. It goes without saying that the higher the budget, the more effective the campaign will tend to be.

There are different types of Ads campaigns available, namely:

  • Search (text ads that feature alongside search results)
  • Display (image ads that feature on Google display partner sites)
  • Shopping (specific for businesses selling products), or
  • Video campaigns (featured before YouTube videos).

Seventh Season specialises in creating and maintaining search campaigns.

For more in-depth information about Google Ads, check out their help centre here.

The perks of choosing Google Ads? Behold:

Pay Per Click only
Unlike traditional advertising, you only get billed once the Ad gets clicked.

• Customisation
Ads can be set up to support specific marketing goals e.g. increasing brand awareness, increasing website traffic, getting more calls or increasing online sales.

• Location and audience targeting
You can choose where in the world and to whom the ads are shown.

• Measurable Return On Investment
Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click advertising is completely measurable.

• Month-to-Month basis
No long-term contracts required (unless you want discount – see our amazing package deal where you qualify for a free website when signing up for a 24-month Google Ads agreement with Seventh Season).

• Real result data
Seventh Season provides informative monthly reports that indicate campaign performance for all Google Ads clients.

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